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“All art is but an imitation of nature” -  Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Your Brand should Mimic your companies personality, key concepts, overall message and it should be a perfect fit for you.
At Mimetic Design we work together to make the Vision for your business a Reality!

“Wanta know the best kept secret? Tammy Tribble with Mimetic Design! Her ideas rock. She is in tune with what her clients need to get out there and noticed! She has a professional attitude and will listen to you, advising what she feels is best, Never curbing your creative ideas. Her websites are unique and personal. Her talents in art and color are amazing. Turn her loose and she’ll create a dream of a website just for you.” – Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP



When a visitor comes to your site, you have less than 4 seconds to communicate what you do, who you do it for, and the benefits. Imagine showing up in a way that mimics your passion, drive and enthusiasm that sparked you to create your own business in the first place. Think about how great it would be to have a clear, concise message in your business communications that reflect your core values, attracts your ideal client and incises to say YES!

Branding is the foundation and the first step to making the vision for your business a reality!

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Graphic design is the process of transforming your passion and drive into visual communications that speak to your ideal clients moving them to action. Imagine having all your business communications mimic your brand and communicate your core values in such a way that you confidently promote your business with beautiful business cards, brochure, signage and more.

Graphic design is the extension of brand and cornerstone of your visual communication for business success! 

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Having  a website that works for you by extending your brand, gaining your business exposure, capturing leads, building email list and attracting your ideal clients is essential to your business success. Our design team takes you through the entire web site design process from start to finish including meetings, design, content coaching, layout and development.

Web site design is essential to promoting, growing and presenting your business to the world!

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To truly provide a one stop shop for entrepreneurs and growing businesses, we provide one years free hosting with every site we design!

In order to provide the best in customer support and hosting, we partner with Webbnet at . We utilize managed dedicated web servers and can guarantee 99.9% up-time with daily backups and dual redundancy we can provide peace of mind. Our servers are on a Tier 1 backbone and have multiple Gigabytes of provisional data capacity. The network is devoted exclusively to hosting and is hardened with multiple layers of redundancy and security.

Not all web site hosting is created equal, our hosting and awesome customer service is backbone of your professional web presence.

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