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“Tammy, your logo and designs just totally spoke to my company!” – Ginny Baldridge, Your Style Image Consulting

Branding starts with the vision and spark that compelled you into starting a business in the first place. It continues with defining your business, your ideal client and determining what makes you and your offer unique. Finally comes the visual representation of your brand needed to be competitive: logo, business cards, web site, sign, brochure, advertising, speaker sheet and so on.

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Here are three important ingredients to assist your branding process.

1. Vision! It started when you put your heart and soul into starting your business. What did you want to accomplish when you started your business? What product of service do you offer and why is it worth your time and energy to share it with the world? What are your core values and beliefs and how did you incorporate them into your own business? What lifestyle are you enjoying as a result of your success? What emotions do you have when you talk about your business? How many people will you help with your business? What is your vision for the next year? Five years? Ten years? How do you see your business evolving and maturing? What other products or services do you imagine adding to your already thriving business?   Take a few minutes and revisit the energy and excitement of launching your business. Write how that feels, how it felt and how it feels now. Spend some time thinking about the future and envisioning success, growth and the lifestyle your business will provide.


2. Definition! What is your business name and what do you do? Who do you serve and whom would you like to serve? What does your ideal client look like? Where are they located and what organizations are they members of? How old is your ideal client and how are you just right to meet their needs? What product or results do you provide? How is it different from others in the same industry? How is it similar? What makes you unique? What are the benefits of your product or service? What are people saying about your business? What are you doing that makes your clients come back and provide referrals? What do you say when you talk about your business?  Spend some time and answer these questions. Talk to your colleagues and see if they have any wisdom or input to add about your business. Talk to your clients and find out from them what value you bring. From this exercise you should be able to identify some key words or values from which your brand will evolve. Maybe you value integrity and honesty, maybe great service and exceptional product. Perhaps you are committed, personable or results oriented. My key words include passion, integrity, positive, reliable, empowering and creative and they all stem from the desire to help businesses be more successful.


3. Execution! Now we take the information you have and give you the tools to make your vision a reality! Your logo is the visual expression of your brand and should graphically capture the essence of your business. Your tag line should sum up what your business does quickly and succinctly. The web site is an extension of your brand and should convey your key ideas and concepts though dynamic, engaging visual communication and writing. The images and layout should all reinforce the feeling you are communicating and work to seamlessly communicate your message and value to the user. You should be an extension of your brand and communicate your key message and values in your presentation.


Take a minute and look at your current business materials and personal presentation. Does everything you do, say and send out in the world support your key words and mission for your business? Is your email written in a tone that matches your brand values? Does your brochure and web site feel like they are from different companies or do they send out the unified message of business success? Mimetic Design is excited to be on your success team, helping to create a vision for your business and making it a reality!


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