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Charitable Giving

Working to make their vision a reality

Thank you so much! Because of you we have an amazing, thriving businesses and were committed to giving back by raising awareness and supporting these organizations that empower, educate and uplift.


nyg_logo_tag_2014_022014 Breaking the Chains Gala

Supporting Love Never Fails Us, the 2014 Breaking the Chains Gala is an event this New Year’s Eve showcasing some of the “who’s who” of the Bay Area and furthering awareness of the sex trade that affects the Bay Area. for Sponsorships, Donations and Tickets. It was a night of food, dance, and entertainment while also helping get children affected by human trafficking off the streets. What an awesome party with a purpose!



Love Never Fails Us


loveneverfailsA faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of child sex trafficking in the Bay Area. Not only committed to just raising awareness, they also lead the crusade by rescuing and rehabilitating children that have been subject to the sex trade. You can help by getting involved via their website and through tax-deductible donations.




Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle

twibgivingcirclelogoIs an organization that brings together like-minded women who are committed to furthering education and economic empowerment to women and girls in the developing world. They come together for tea and socializing and leave having done a good deed, raising awareness of each cause and all donations go 100% towards each organization. Anyone can be a philanthropist by joining us for a tea, joining our giving circle, starting your own circle or visiting our website to make a donation.




Sakhi-Celebration-300x225SAKHI for Girls Education

Based in Mumbai, India, SAKHI for Girls Education is dedicated to providing slum girls with access to education and confidence building life skills in their local community. Since 2008, they have been on a mission to inspire and empower girls to continue their education and to make their dreams come true. Support this great cause by visiting their website to learn how you can get involved and make a donation.




American Red Cross

With 13 Million volunteers spread across 187 countries, the American Red Cross has been providing aid to those affected by emergencies both here and abroad since 1881. One of their most recognizable services is blood donation. For every unit of blood donated, 3 lives are saved, be one of the around 4 million people who donate blood, providing more than 40% of America’s blood supply. You can help by direct donation, volunteering, or by searching for local blood drives, all available on their website.


Mimetic Design continues to work hard to make the visions of these amazing non-profit organizations a reality for the present and future. We continue to support and encourage women’s empowerment, education, and entrepreneurial training in our community and the world! Join us in making a difference!

Tammy Tribble