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12, Aug

Inspired Sales NOW

Author: Tammy Tribble

“Tammy Tribble with Mimetic Design is FABULOUS! Tammy came to me highly recommended and still surpassed all my expectations as my web designer. When we first talked, I had no graphic conception for my business; No logo, No color palette, No clue! Tammy has a gift for asking the right questions and identifying the essence of what will best portray the clients business.  She has the ability to take a concept and turn it into a visual expression that captured the very core of how I wanted my business displayed to the world!

Her professionalism and knowledge is only second to her warmth, sincerity and integrity. She does whatever it takes to honor her word and commitments. I really felt as if we were a team and I am so proud and excited about ‘our’ website!” – Jane Bruce, Inspired Sales NOW

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